Philip’s site has been a huge asset in my journey as a filmmaker. I can say, without question, that the resources on his site have been far more helpful than all the time I have spent in the classroom. For budding filmmakers, as well as professionals already working in the industry, it is a resource akin to none.


I met Philip through twitter. I remember struggling with time-lapses and asking Philip for help. Without hesitation, he willingly helped in any way he could – which blew my mind as I am sure he answered the same questions a million times for different people.

When thinking of how I got the opportunity to work with Philip, all I come up with is that it was purely luck. Philip posted an internship opportunity in Idaho through twitter. Living in Saskatchewan, Canada, I jumped at the opportunity to apply. To my amazement, he asked if I wanted to come out and play. I said, ‘yes please :) !’

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the internship. What I left with was more than I could have ever imagined. Philip’s depth and breadth of knowledge was/is amazing. However, what separates him from the lot is his willingness to share his knowledge. This willingness is what made the experience far more helpful and inspirational than all other previous experiences with filmmaking. In relation to my film a day project, it is very easy to see the dramatic shift in the films following the internship.


Philip’s site has already experienced over 23 million hits and until this point, he has managed the site ENTIRELY by himself, a huge accomplishment in itself. Having run my own sites for the last two years, I knew the amount of time and effort that was involved in maintaining a website. Not a small feat! I asked Philip if there was any way I could help with his site. Philip replied with an amazing offer — work as an assistant editor.

In Philip’s words:

“What Preston brings is not change or watering down of the site, he is bringing improvement.

His job is to post the little news stories, NOT RUMOURS, that happen. Like the 50% off Adobe deal that broke today or other more interesting stuff. At times I will task him to write about certain topics. As a young filmmaker he can offer a great insight”.


I am not completely sure what to expect as assistant editor for One of my biggest hopes is that I am able to provide a unique perspective as a young filmmaker. I am sure my role will adapt and change with time and I am sure I will see a few bumps along the way. My biggest hope however, is that I am able to provide other filmmakers with the knowledge and perspectives I have gained from shooting a film a day.