Carvings By Wes


While on Vancouver Island, I came across Wes, a carver. I was intrigued by the work he was producing and immediately asked if I could do a short piece on him. His immediate response was sure as long as I didn’t do an interview with him! Really wish I could have as he was a cool fellow.

Instead of the interview, he insisted I include this write-up he created on the spot.

“My Name is Wes Reierson. I was raised in Quesnel, BC. I spent years carving along the Frazer River. I became an electrician and worked at that for 30 years while carving in my spare time. Now I reside in Victoria, BC. While here, Emily Carr has become my inspiration. I do most of my carving in the same place she hung out on the beach. Now all I do is carve mostly to put smiles and happiness into other people. The Norwegian Wizard is what I started with and I have now produced more than 3000 of them”.

Here is a short poem he also wrote:


Life is short
We all should know
for in it lives
a tree troll

I am Norwegian
This I know
I carve a Wizard
From my soul

It has eyes
They just don’t show
They follow you
Wherever you go

Hang a wizard on your wall
Norwegian stand tall

Having carved over 3000 Wizards, I aspire to accomplish as much as this man has in one life time. His experience comes across in everything he carves and it is easy to see all the good and hard times he has faced. It was a pleasure to share only a few moments with a man so passionate about his work.