Blog: A Guide To Filming In The Wilderness – The Introduction


I’ve always enjoyed camping. Growing up, every summer my family would spend exploring Saskatchewan from the dead south of Grasslands National Park to the far north at my uncle’s fly-in fishing resort. It would be safe to say that I have seen virtually all of Saskatchewan’s Provincial and Regional Parks. On weekends outside of our family camping adventures, my family and I would head out to our friend Aaron’s cabin at Wakaw.

Fast forward to 2001. My parents decided to purchase a cabin at Wakaw Lake, SK. We had been on the lookout for a place for over ten years but nothing was ever quite what we were looking for. I clearly remember the discussion my parents had over the cabin. Although it wasn’t perfect and required some work, they came to the consensus that if we were ever going to own a cabin, this was the time. The stipulation my parents made was that we had to be willing work to fix it up.

After having purchased the cabin, we stopped our yearly camping trips and instead spent every weekend and holiday working to improve the place. My dad’s mantra was that if my brother and I wanted to do something, whether it be camping or owning a cabin, that we would have to do the work. Although it was a lot of fun at the time, looking back, there is no way we would have tackled all the work we did! Ten years later and most of the heavy lifting work-wise is complete and it is now a place (the only place) where I feel completely relaxed.

I have grown an appreciation for the outdoors because of how my parents raised me. Having the cabin truly allows me to experience the outdoors much more than anyone I know. Whether it be snowmobiling, quading, or fishing, we are always outside when at the cabin.

I technically finished my film a day project back in January but have continued to post videos at a rate of about five films a week. After spending a year trying to find my niche, I think I found it! Without question, the 3 minute short film project helped me find my passion, which is filming in the wilderness.


Now to the nuts and bolts!

Over the next two weeks, I will be writing my entire guide to filming in the outdoors, which will include both video and posts. I am by no means an expert but simply want to help others avoid some of the mistakes I have made and believe me, I have made them! Stories to come in future posts!

I know a I am not the only young filmmaker that also has a passion for the outdoors and for those of you that are passionate about both, this series is for you!

Below is a brief look at some of the topics I will be exploring more in-depth as the project goes on. By no means is it a complete list and it will change and adapt to the experiences I come across on my two week roadtrip through British Columbia. In the end, I hope to have something to offer that may help in your journey!

What’s To Come:

– Back-country filming
– Day trips
– How to pack
– How to set up a tent
– The complete and not so complete camping lists
– How to set up camp
– Mobile editing station

Because of the sporadic cell phone coverage in BC, I will not be posting everyday but will try to post whenever I have an active connection.